Standard Office Procedures: Ep. #50 - Things to Negotiate Besides Salary with Jaime Hamilton

When you’re negotiating a contract for a new job, salary is a main conversation point, but there are many things to negotiate besides salary. Sure, you want more money, but let’s dream bigger. 

What would make the job more worthwhile? What tools could help you do better work? What might mean more to you than a pay raise? 

Look beyond your paycheck, think outside the box, and ask for what you really want. Maybe it’s extra paid time off, better health benefits, relocation costs, flexible hours, or the ability to work remotely.

This week on the podcast, Grace and Shannon talk about 10 different benefits (besides salary) that you can negotiate when interviewing for a new job, and how to posture these requests so you can get what you really want.

On the latter half of the episode, Jaime Hamilton, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Wilson Lumber Company, joins us to share her wisdom and insight into the things you should to bring to the table during an interview, and what kinds of questions a recruiter really wants you to ask.

You can contact Jaime or find out more about Wilson Lumber Company on their website or Facebook page.

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