Standard Office Procedures: Ep. #44 - Social Awkwardness at Work

Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone – at some point – has turned an ordinary moment into an awkward moment. These awkward situations, whether we’ve created them, or stumbled into them, are inherently uncomfortable and usually throw us for a loop.

Sometimes, there’s no getting around it. Sometimes, you just have to lean into the awkward situation and have a laugh. Other times, there can be a more strategic way to exit the socially awkward tunnel and into the beckoning light of relief.

This week on the podcast, Grace and Shannon talk about their own personal, awkward experiences and why it's so important to approach yourself with compassion when dealing with them. They also dig into why (neurotypical) individuals can be faced with awkwardness at work, what that can look like, and how to successfully overcome those awkward situations.

(The woman cartoonist Shannon talks about in this episode is Gemma Correll, and this is the cool illustration she refers to.)

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