Standard Office Procedures: # 52 - How to Have Empathy at Work and Why It’s Important

Do you feel misunderstood at work? Disconnected from your coworkers? Not part of a cohesive, engaged team? If so, then you might need an infusion of empathy. 

Feeling understood — the main byproduct of empathy — is incredibly important to one’s well being. In fact, some believe feeling understood is even more important than feeling loved.

Showing empathy can bridge this gap between feeling alone and misunderstood to feeling seen, heard, and part of a supportive team. So, how do you begin to foster this kind of behavior in a work environment? It's not as complicated as you might think.

This week on the podcast, Grace and Shannon talk about what empathy looks like at work, and what it doesn't, why it's important in creating a healthy work environment, and how to develop, practice and grow in empathy.

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