Standard Office Procedures: # 30 Part 2 - How to Declutter According to Your Enneagram Type with Laurie Palau

On the latter half of this two part episode, we take a different approach to organization. Laurie Palau, founder of Simply B Organized, joins Grace and Shannon to shed light on how to declutter and streamline your life — all based on your Enneagram type.

Laurie shares her insight and expertise as a professional organizer, breaking down what each Enneagram type is, how each type tends to accumulate clutter in their life, and what they can do to reorganize and eradicate that clutter.

Laurie's website is chock full of incredible resources on organization, not the least of which are her podcast, This ORGANIZED Life, and her book, Hot Mess: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized.

You can register for Laurie's Enneagram and Clutter Course on her website, or follow the Instagram account exclusively dedicated to this course. You can also connect with Laurie on Facebook, on Twitter, on her main Instagram account, or via email.

If you want to know even more about the Enneagram, dive into our articles about this personality test and how to use it to better understand yourself, your boss and your coworkers.

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