Where to Buy Industrial Grade Tape: Duct, Filament, Non-Abrasive Grip Tape, and More

Need industrial grade tape? Stick with us! Whether you’re looking for filament, bidirectional filament, duct, packaging, or non-abrasive grip tape, our guide will help you find the type of tape you need for your home or business.

First, we’ll cover the best types of stores and online shops to find the specific tape types you’re looking for, and then we’ll break down common industrial grade tapes and share where to buy each type.


Where to Find Industrial Grade Tape

Local Supply Store Graphic

Local Business Supply Store

We’re big fans of supporting local businesses. While we’d love to have you buy all of your products from us, if you have a local, individually owned business supplies store in your town, support them. Small businesses need all the support that they can get!

Ask around your network or ask online if there is a store like this available in your town. Call to see if they carry industrial grade tape and ask whether or not they have bulk options. If they don’t carry the tape you need, ask if they are able to order it in for you.

Supporting local businesses benefits everyone. You never know—you may make a connection in your community that will benefit your own business in return.

Online Business Store Graphic

Online Business Supply Store

Online business supplies stores should carry industrial grade tape. It will save you time and could save you money if you can find the industrial tape you are looking for at the same store you buy your other supplies from.

Shipping fees are often waived or reduced on large orders, and buying from the same store means you and your accounting team will have less paperwork to deal with.

Blue Summit Supplies currently carries various types of tapes, including filament, masking, vinyl, and duct tape. Add them to your next order along with your other home, school, or office supplies!

Online Tape Specialty Graphic

Online Tape Specialty Store

For unique or specialized tapes you can't find anywhere else, check out online stores that specialize in tape. For example, Packaging Tape Depot or Tape Jungle sells specialty products, such as hot melt sealing tape and custom printed tape.

You may need to turn to a specialty tape supply company if you need a specific tape width that isn’t regularly available. These types of shops often carry bulk options, which can save you money if you need to purchase a large number of rolls at once.

Amazon Graphic


If you can find the industrial tape you’re looking for from a business in your community or a small business online, we recommend going that route. If you need a specialty product and can’t wait, Amazon may be your best bet.

You can easily search for the type and size of tape you need in the search bar—and different types and sizes may be available for fast Amazon Prime shipping. This is an ideal option if you need industrial grade tape delivered within a short shipping window.


BSS Duct Tape

Where to Buy Duct Tape

Duct tape is a fairly common product that you should be able to find in most physical supply shops and online stores. It’s a cloth-backed tape that’s generally two inches wide. Generic duct tape is a grey-silver tone, but you can also find specialty duct tape in a variety of other tones and colors.


BSS Packaging Tape

Where to Buy Packaging Tape

Packaging or packing tape is most commonly used for sealing boxes. This tape might be used for a home or office move or to secure packages of products that will be mailed to customers. The tape is generally clear so that the packaging box can still be seen underneath the tape. The adhesive is designed to be secure while still allowing the user to easily peel it off when it comes time to open the package.

Some products will come with a dispenser to help you quickly tape up packages. Whether being used for a move, storage, or to ship a product, you’re bound to go through packaging tape fast. Look for discounts on bulk purchases of packaging tape.

Grip Tape

Where to Buy Grip Tape

With grip tape, it’s all in the name. Grip tape has strong adhesive on one side and a textured surface on the other to provide grip where needed. You might put grip tape on the steps of the entrance or exit of your place of business to prevent slips, or you can add it to handles to improve the grip of a tool. Grip tape is also commonly used by skateboarders.


Non Abrasive Grip Tape

Where to Buy Non-Abrasive Grip Tape

Non-abrasive grip tape simply means that the rough side of the grip tape won’t scrape or wreck what it comes into contact with, such as shoes or other tools. It’s more difficult to find than regular grip tape and is generally more expensive.

Non-abrasive grip tape is used in many of the same ways as grip tape. You can add it to steps or entryways to prevent falls, add it to surfaces you want things to stick to, or add it to tools to increase the grip on the product.


Filament Tape

Where to Buy Filament Tape

What is filament tape? Filament tape is extra durable; it’s made with fiberglass or other synthetic filaments that run down the tape to reinforce it. Filament tape is sometimes referred to as strapping tape or fiberglass reinforced filament tape.

Filament/strapping tape is resistant to tearing and is a lot stronger than other binders, such as glue, string, or packaging tape. That’s why it is commonly used for shipments and package reinforcement. The tape comes in a number of different widths, so carefully review the tape size before making a purchase.


Bi Direction Filament Tape

Where to Buy Bidirectional Filament Tape

Bidirectional filament tape has fiberglass filaments running in both directions, horizontally and vertically, for added stability. This type of tape is used for heavyweight packages and shipments that need to travel a long way, such as overseas shipments.


Custom Printed Tape

Where to Buy Custom Printed Tape

Custom printed tape is used by businesses to promote a brand. Logos or custom imagery can be added to packaging tape to build brand recognition and to indicate to package receivers what to expect inside. Custom designs can delight customers and make them more excited to receive your packages.


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