Free Downloadable Office Supply Checklist Form

Every great small business started from a great idea, but that’s not all there is to running a successful business. If you want to start a small business of your own, there are a few other things you’ll need. Check out our office supply checklist form to plan out your purchases.

Make sure you have the basics: a business plan, a workspace, and relevant technology. Maybe your small business calls for a big work table. Or maybe it requires the quickest internet speed. Check off all these big boxes to set yourself up for success, but make sure you remember the ‘little things!’

To keep you on track, we’ve compiled a list of the most easily-forgettable small business must-haves. We have a downloadable checklist towards the bottom and a few of our favorites with suggestions on where to buy listed below.

New Office Supply List

Paper Ream

Printer Paper

You got the printer, so don’t forget to fill it up. Make sure to grab a couple of reams of printer paper to have on hand – and, as a bonus, full reams can double as doorstops in a pinch.




Envelopes & Stamps

This isn’t a particularly sexy purchase, but it is a necessary one. Make sure to stock up on envelopes so you can ensure nothing ever gets sent out late. Check out our options for affordable envelopes in several sizes, with handy size guides to make sure you get the right ones.





Part of running a business is managing a lot of information all at once, and writing things down is an effective way to stay organized. Grab a notebook or a legal pad for jotting down info on the go or at your desk.



File Folders

File Folders

If you have the filing cabinet, don’t forget the folders! There are all kinds of folders out there to fit your filing needs. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t panic – we’ve got you covered with our DIY Filing System guide. When you’re ready, grab the files you need to keep your documents organized and at your fingertips.



Heavy Duty Stapler

Stapler (and staples)

Even if you’re trying to go completely paperless, there will always be some things that need to be printed and kept together. Have a stapler and plenty of staples on hand so you’re prepared. If you’ll be stapling lots of pages at once, consider investing in an industrial-strength stapler. If you like more unique office supplies, check out this sleek stapler.





We know it’s obvious, but better safe than sorry. Grab some pens. If you’re looking for pretty office supplies, try these pens.



Binder Clips

Binder Clips

If you have a stack of things that need to be kept together without the permanence of staples, binder clips are a must-have. They’re inexpensive and incredibly useful, so grab a bunch and get creative.





For businesses that include writing on-the-go or clients filling out forms, a clipboard  is a must. Grab one with a storage bottom and a license clip so you can keep the necessities – pens, IDs, extra forms – within easy reach.




Reusable Board

If you’re a visual person who likes things laid out in bold, a whiteboard or cork board could be a helpful tool to have in your office. And to make it even easier, many whiteboards come ready-to-hang with markers and eraser included.



Desk Organizer

Organizational Odds and Ends

Don’t forget smaller needs like sticky flags for marking important pages in notebooks, desk organizers for keeping a clean workspace, and document holders and trays for keeping papers in order.


New Office Supply Checklist Form

Our small business supplies checklist form can be downloaded and printed for ease of use. This can also be used as a general office supply checklist for most businesses.


Office Supplies Checklist

Click here to download our free Office Supply checklist!



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