The 11 Best Admin Professional Podcasts

It’s no secret that administrative professionals make the world go round. Either you are an admin, that ever-so essential cog that turns the grinding gears of bureaucracy while taking care of everyone around you, or you have one in your life that makes everything so much easier for you. We love admins and office managers! 

So let’s talk one of the best resources out there for admin professionals: podcasts! Admin professional podcasts are an amazing way to get connected and get information, especially on the go. And “on the go” certainly describes most admins and office managers!

Whether you’re running a mobile command unit from your house, organizing an entire office, or running to the store to restock on hand sanitizer, administrative assistant podcasts are a great way to stay informed, connected, and inspired.



Reasons to Listen to Admin and Office Manager Podcasts

  1. Feel connected to a group of people like you, especially in the socially distanced and often lonely world of COVID-19. The community is still out there and you have easy access to it!
  2. Learn tips and tricks from seasoned professionals to help you reach your administrative assistant professional development #goals
  3. Stay up to date on industry news, standards, and even job postings!
  4. Spice up your run, commute, workout, or just your big quarantine trip from the kitchen to the living room. Make the most of your time!


listening to podcast



We did some research on some of the best podcasts out there for admins and picked 11 of the best. Check out these amazing podcasts below (in no particular order…although we like the last one the best) for everything you need on how to be the best executive assistant and how to stay connected in this crazy, fast-paced world.


be the ultimate assistant

Be the Ultimate Assistant

Hosted by former assistants Bonnie Low-Kramen and Vickie Sokol-Evans and based off Bonnie’s published book by the same name, “Be the Ultimate Assistant” is the ultimate admin podcast. Vickie and Bonnie cover a huge span of admin topics, like how to stay tech savvy while technology constantly evolves and how to get involved with the right networking group. They also bring on lots of high profile executive assistant guests. Lately, they’ve started doing a series called “Speed Networking during COVID-19.” Give it a listen!



    Though not strictly a podcast for admins, the Productivityist podcast is well worth your time! Since productivity is arguably the most important tool in the admin’s tool belt, the Productivityist will teach you how to sharpen it! Plus, host Mike Vardy, productivity strategist, is delightful. He brings on guest experts from a variety of fields who share their tips and tactics for boosting their personal productivity. So get to it! Like Mike is fond of saying, “stop ‘doing’ productive and start ‘being’ productive.”


    REACH – A Podcast for Executive Assistants

      REACH is a super topical and relatable podcast with wide-ranging issues covering all your 2020 office management problems, plus much more. Jessica Vann, founder and CEO of Maven Recruiting Group, has her finger on the pulse of all things executive assistants, especially in these challenging times. REACH is designed not just to inform but also to inspire, which we definitely all need!

      being indispensable

      Being Indispensible

        Hosted by the incredibly inspiring and very Australian Liz Van Vliet, “Being Indispensible” is a goldmine of professional executive wisdom. Liz covers a multitude of topics, all purported to helping you become the linchpin that your boss can’t do without…and who doesn’t love that? In this podcast, Liz talks a lot about “progress over perfection,” and is a very future-oriented executive assistant.

        In fact, Liz is on the verge of launching a brand new membership community called the “Empowered Assistant Collective,” which is basically the coolest admin club you could be a part of. So if you love Australian accents and learning how to be unstoppable, this podcast is for you!

        the leader assistant

        The Leader Assistant

          Sometimes it can feel like all the admin podcasts out there are female-oriented, but host Jeremy Burrows is bringing the testosterone to the admin podcast game. The Leader Assistant exists to “encourage and challenge assistants to become confident, game-changing leader assistants” and its listeners will find that it does just that.  

          Jeremy continually brings on varied and high-ranking EAs and Managers from every industry, like the EA to the CEO at Groupon and former Chief of Staff to Oprah Winfrey, just to name a couple.  He talks to his guests about their history and experiences, skills they’ve acquired and advice they have for other EAs. “The Leader Assistant” also hosts a monthly group training seminars full of valuable info. Check it out!

           manager tools

          Manager Tools

            The company Manager Tools is a management consulting firm that aims to support and empower both managers and professionals, but they also have an awesome podcast! Hosted by Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman, the “Manager Tools” podcast gives amazing career advice to everyone and could be particularly useful to admin professionals.

            Michael and Mark have some great banter while they discuss management and organizational challenges in the workplace and delve into some timely issues, like how best to present on Zoom. Their experience really comes through as these two hosts walk you through all their invaluable advice for professionals.

            girl boss radio

            Girl Boss Radio

              Calling all ladies! Want to hear honest conversations with some of the leading trailblazing professional women of today?  Look no further! Host Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal as well as self-declared flailer and girl boss, seeks to humanize the known, champion the unknown, and have hilarious conversations with world-class girl bosses from all over the globe in her podcast, Girl Boss Radio

              Sophia’s episodes include important topics like “How to ask for what you want — and get it,” and “How to trust your gut and start over professionally.” So throw on a kick-ass blazer and some lipstick and get listening to Girl Boss Radio! 

              no limits

              No Limits

                “No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis” is a how-to guide for turning dreams into reality and de-mystifying success. With conversations that go “beyond the resume,” host Rebecca talks with self-made women around the world who have success stories to share and makes it all fun and digestible. Her guests include the Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine and the CEO and Founder of Stitch Fix. Plus you get to enjoy Rebecca’s signature, weekly question: What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?

                have a seat

                Have a Seat – Conversations with Women in the Workplace

                  One more ladies-centric podcast! Although there are plenty of professional-women-empowerment podcasts out there, this one definitely deserves a spot in our lineup for the insightful advice that applies to everyone, including if not especially admin professionals. With episodes that focus on topics like “From Executive Assistant To Vice President” and “Administrative Professionals Spotlight,” this podcast really focuses on upward mobility and success of assistants and managers. Host Debra says she wants to create a vibe similar to a ladies’ get-together where they welcome you in, ask what it is you do, and offer you a glass of wine. So come in and get comfy with “Have a Seat.”

                  lead to win

                  Lead to Win

                    “Weekly leadership lessons for lasting success” is the tagline for podcast “Lead to Win.” Hosted by Michael Hyatt, “Lead to Win” combines old tricks and new research to give you lasting career success. With topics ranging from self-leadership to personal development and productivity, “Lead to Win” gives you the tools and insights you need to succeed at work…and at life!


                    And drumroll please for our favorite admin professional podcast out there…


                    Admin Hour

                      The Admin Hour podcast, the premier podcast for office managers and administrative professionals to talk all things work, career, and development that (mostly) lasts an hour.  This podcast is your ultimate one-stop-shop for all things admin professional content, office manager and executive assistant goodness. With new career building resources every week, gregarious host Grace Treutel makes admin work conversational, accessible, and fun!

                      Although a new podcast to the scene, Admin Hour has everything you’re looking for. Grace is tackling the unknowns of the COVID world with topics like Embracing Change, The Power of Positive Culture, and Managing Offices Remotely. Bringing in administrative professional guests from a multitude of industries, Admin Hour presents an inside look at the complicated world of office managers as well as truly invaluable advice to move forward in this new frontier. Make your job easier and more fun with the podcast that everyone should be listening to: Admin Hour!



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