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Recruiting and filling new positions in the office is a daunting enough challenge by itself without the added pressure of keeping up with ever-evolving recruitment tools and technology. Recruitment tools are always changing and it’s important to stay on top of what’s latest and greatest. Tools and technologies are being developed in many areas that can help HR make more effective use of existing and emerging recruitment channels. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the different types of recruitment channels and the types of tools your company needs, then take a look at the top platforms of each type. Keep in mind as you go that many of the platforms we list are cross-functional, covering multiple types of hiring tools and different channels of recruitment all in one place.

 The six most crucial types of recruitment software and online recruitment tools are as follows:

  • Job Boards
  • Candidate Sourcing Software
  • Recruitment Marketing Software
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Candidate Relationship Marketing Software
  • Candidate Assessment and Testing Software



Job Boards

Job boards or job aggregators provide the essential service of connecting companies looking to hire with applicants looking to be hired. According to LinkedIn’s “Ultimate List of Hiring Statistics,” 60% of job seekers start out the hunt for a new job on online job boards.

The top three job board sites of 2020 are Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor. 

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Indeed is actually the top online job board of 2020, with more than 200 million people visiting it each month. This site allows companies to post job openings for free and allows candidates to set up their own profiles, browse and apply for jobs all in one place.

    glassdoor icon


    Glassdoor is an online job board as well as employer review website. What sets Glassdoor apart is the importance placed on the reviews that employees leave for their employers, allowing prospective candidates an inside look at how different companies stack up against each other. Job seekers will be able to see salary insights, reviews, and ratings about different companies on Glassdoor before they apply.

      monster icon


      Monster is a global employment website where you can post jobs and find employees and where they can find you. 


      Candidate Sourcing Software

      Candidate sourcing software tries to accomplish mostly the same goal of job boards, but with more work on the candidate finder’s part and less on the job seeker’s part…as well as some help from artificial intelligence. With the right software, recruiters can scan millions of candidates’ information and resumes online, be they passive or active, to find the best fit for a company. 

      Three of the best Candidate Sourcing software of 2020 are Upsider, Vsource, and Recruit Robin.


      upsider icon


      Upsider calls themselves a “human powered, machine-assisted, candidate sourcing platform.” They use powerful, data-driven tools to identity and engage qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. 

        vsource icon


        Used by big name companies such as Amazon, DoorDash, and Twitter, Vsource specializes in scanning the entire internet and finding qualified candidates who meet your job’s criteria. Their platform combines the latest in AI, talent analytics, and search algorithms to deliver daily candidate searches to your recruiting team. 

          recruiter robin icon

          Recruit Robin

          This platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to find candidates across the web faster than ever. They give you access to 165,000 available candidates from across all job boards and aggregators on the web.



            Recruitment Marketing Software

            Recruitment marketing is the means by which companies present their brand and Employee Value Propositionto attract potential employees. Why does this matter? No matter how strong your employer identity is, if candidates don’t know about it, it won’t matter. Recruitment marketing tools and software are specialized types of software for HR that automate and streamline the marketing operations to educate candidates about the value of their company.

            Three of the top recruitment marketing software are LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing, Smashfly, and Ascendify.


            linkedin icon

            LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing

            A smaller section of LinkedIn overall, LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing aims to build company awareness to get candidates to respond and apply faster. And carrying the well-known LinkedIn name helps them spread the word that much more easily. Their products include career pages, recruitment ads, and sponsored content.

              smash fly icon


              One of the pioneers of the recruitment marketing industry, Smashfly purports to be the only platform that combines CRM, a career site and programmatic advertising all in one place. The upshot is a vibrant, easy-to-use interface that delivers big results.

                ascendify icon


                Ascendify combines an applicant tracking system (more on that later) with recruitment marketing to help your company with its career site, talent communities, and recruitment outreach.



                  Applicant Tracking System

                  An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a database that compiles all candidates’ information and coordinates various application materials through every step of the hiring process. It can help with interview scheduling, candidate screening and evaluation and enables easy team communication. Basically, it’s your roadmap through the miles and miles of paperwork that accumulate when you’re trying to fill a position.

                  Three of the top Application Tracking Systems available are iCIMS, Greenhouse, and Workable.


                  icims icon


                  With more than 4,000 clients and ten years of experience, iCIMS provides personalized dashboards of candidate data with real-time insights and screening/assessment results, among other features. This ATS can help you create a better candidate experience, reduce job advertising speed, grow your applicant pool, automate job postings at scale, and connect directly with job seekers any time.

                    greenhouse icon


                    In addition to their ATS, Greenhouse also provides a holistic HR experience to organize interviews and ensure the process is free from bias. The software offers easy-to-use candidate scorecards, customized assessment plans for interviewers, and simplified summary report configurations.

                      workable icon


                      Workable is customizable for every business size and need, offering easy, single-point access to candidate profiles, team communications, interview schedules, and scorecards. Some of Workable’s features include reporting lines with role assignment and job creating, regularly created productivity and activity reports, and easy scheduling with email-calendar synchronization.



                        Candidate Relationship Management Software

                        Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software usually works hand in hand with ATS to foster relationships with potential candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process with a focus on the candidate experience. CRM platforms often build detailed candidate profiles, talent databases, and automated personalized communication.

                        Three of the best Candidate Relationship Management platforms are TalentLyft, Beamery, and Yello.


                        talentlyft icon


                        TalentLyft is a multi-faceted recruitment tool, with a segment called “TalentLyft Engage” specifically for CRM. “Engage” lets you manage and segment talent pools, craft engaging email campaigns, and ensure streamlined communication with your candidates, all to improve the overall candidate experience.

                          Beamery icon


                          Beamery is a CRM platform that specializes in attracting passive candidates to your positions. Built on the three pillars of “attract, engage, retain,” Beamery helps recruiters make data-driven decisions about their candidates all while predicting long and short-term performance of those candidates. 

                            yello icon


                            This CRM platform specifically targets large companies with high-volume recruiting. While Yello also offers sourcing and ATS features, its CRM capabilities focus on moving thousands of candidates through the pipeline as efficiently as possible, ensuring a hassle-free candidate experience.



                              Candidate Assessment and Testing Software

                              Pre-hire assessments are tools through which companies can test a candidate’s aptitude for a particular job before being officially considered or interviewed. These can be anything from broad personality tests to targeted evaluations for a specific career.

                              Three of the best online assessment tools for recruitment are Applied, HireSelect, and Koru.


                              applied icon


                              Kate Glazebrook, CEO of Applied, said in an interview with the New York Times that their program allows recruiters to “anonymize applications, chunk them up into batches to allow for better comparative assessment, randomize candidates to avoid ordering effects, and allow multiple evaluators to contribute their scores independently to harness the wisdom of the crowd.” The long and short of it is unbiased, simplified candidate assessment.

                                criteria icon


                                A subset of Criteria Corp, this program is a web-based pre-employment testing site that offers a myriad of tests for aptitude, personality, and basic skills. HireSelect offers tests for over 1,100 positions, can be customized for large and small companies, and even offers unique takes on the traditional assessments like gamified cognitive tests for the younger, game-minded generation.

                                  koru icon


                                  Soft skills are the building blocks of a good employee and a healthy working relationship. Using that as a starting point, Koru’s philosophy is “Grits over grades,” meaning they value work ethic and other soft skills over harder, unflinching metrics. To help companies get a feel for their candidates’ soft skills, they offer this program which measures seven essential soft skills: grit, ownership, curiosity, polish, teamwork, rigor, and impact. The candidates’ answers are then ranked against other candidates as well as a company’s top performers for assessment.


                                    Every company is different and has different needs, including when it comes to recruiting and hiring. And with so many stages in and aspects of the recruiting and hiring process, your company is likely to have a lot of different requirements for its software. Luckily, there are so many different options out there, and such a wide breadth of offerings, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.


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