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Usually the point of our blog is to add value to your life, be it through helpful guides, free downloadable resources, or office culture advice. But sometimes… we just gotta show off.

Here are some of our newest products and what they can be used for, including some alternative options.



We have scissors!


And not just any scissors – we have blue scissors and nonstick scissors and red scissors and stainless steel scissors. There’s even this joyful rainbow of scissors, which is awesome for cutting things and fun to look at. We’re pulling no punches with these scissors, except for all the kinds of scissors we don’t have for sale (yet). But! In the meantime, grab some of these scissors. You can use them for cutting paper, cardboard, light fabrics, and photos.

Scissor Illustration


You can also use them like sculptor Christopher Locke did and create bizarre sculptures that look like something Sid from Toy Story might make.


Combo Boards

If scissors aren’t enough to thrill you, check this out – combination boards.

Combo Board

That’s right. It’s all the ephemeral spontaneity of a whiteboard combined with the dependability of a corkboard. Jot down quick notes on the whiteboard and tack up important memos and photographs on the cork!

Combo Board Illustration


Or, if you’re feeling crazy, make this the focal point of your bedroom and install this as your bed’s headboard. Those late-night bouts of inspiration will never be lost again as you sleepily scrawl them across the whiteboard side and potentially, accidentally, the cork side.



But the buck doesn’t stop with combination boards. We’ve also got erasers. And not just any erasers – pink ones.


These erasers are a must-have for every classroom and office, since the erasers at the tops of standard pencils aren’t always effective. Ours, on the other hand, are great for erasing without leaving smudges or tearing paper.

Erasers Illustration


And, in a pinch, our pink erasers can be used for shining coin collections This one isn’t a joke – you really can use your erasers to polish your coins!


Junior binders

When you need something a little more versatile, check out our junior binders.

Junior Binders

A junior binder is a great way to store smaller pages like recipes, photos, or schedules. You can turn yours into a daily planner or a meditation journal. Our junior binders are compact so they can fit easily into a backpack or purse, and, if you’re feeling really funky, you can use this puppy as a frisbee!

Junior Binder Illustration


Full disclosure: it probably won’t work very well.


Jumbo Binders

Let’s bring in the big guns: jumbo binders.

Jumbo Binders

These binders are the moms and dads of the junior binders. Boasting a 5-inch spine, our jumbo binders are great for storing every paper you’ve ever come across in your whole life. … Okay, maybe not that many papers, but certainly something close. Keep documents safe with the inner 3 D-rings, and slide identifying pages into the front, back, and spine sleeves.

Jumbo Binder Illustration


Or, if you’re gardening on a sunny day, wear it as an oversized, uncomfortable, and ineffective hat.


Index Dividers

So, you have your gargantuan binder and your fat stacks of pages to go in it. But what about organization? We’ve got that for you, too: tabbed index dividers. Don’t say we never give (see: sell) you anything.

Index Dividers

Our index dividers are tabbed for easy finding and are made of durable paper stock to ensure they stand up to repeated use.

Index Dividers Illustration


They’re also really great for folding lazily in half and swatting flies.


Binder Clips

But the king of versatile office supplies honor might have to go to binder clips.

Binder Clips

We offer multipacks with various sizes in both assorted colors and classic black, and boxes with one specific size if you know exactly what you’re about. Use binder clips to hold pages together without the damage of a staple, or to keep photographs and important documents in place.

Binder Clip Illustration


You can also use them as cord organizers, money clips, and all sorts of weird things.


If you have any questions or comments about our office supplies and their many weird and wonderful uses, reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! And as always, for any questions, concerns, or just to say hello, send an email to Larry would love to hear from you!


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