Gifts for Coworkers Under $20

Ho-ho-hey, it’s that time of year again – the annual Blue Summit Supplies holiday coworker gift guide! We know, we know, you’ve been on the edge of your seat all year waiting on this day to come. Well, wait no more. It’s present time, y’all.

Last year, our budget for your coworkers was $30 and under. This year, we’ve challenged ourselves to go even cheaper – because let’s be real. You have way too many coworkers and not nearly enough dollars.

No biggie, friend. We got your Christmas-sweatered back.

Here are some carefully curated options you can grab for your coworkers this Christmas season without breaking the bank.

black duct tape

Heavy Duty Black Duct Tape, 3 Pack, $16.99

We suggested silver duct tape as a gift last year, but this year let’s ramp it up. This 3 pack of black duct tape is the ultimate versatile gift; use it to make a sculpture, an outfit, a life raft, and more!

Or just use it around the office for basic fixes.

Whatever floats your duct-taped boat.

This gift is ideal for the adventurous C-suite executive. This gift is not suited for the IT guy you got duct tape for last year.

pink erasers

Pink Erasers, 36 Count, $9.99

This is a fun symbolic gift for that coworker who keeps declaring 2020 is ‘their year, for real this time.’ They can use these erasers to erase some of the lingering after-effects of their bad 2019 decisions to make way for their year of success and healthy choices.

This gift is ideal for your stressed-out accountant. This gift is not suited for Larry, who will try to eat it.

post malone mug

Leave Me Malone mug, $11.99

Help your coworker stay topical andconvey their feelings with this Post Malone-themed mug bearing the pithy phrase ‘Leave Me Malone.’

This is even better if your colleague has no idea who Post Malone is since you get the joy of introducing them to such modern classics as Circles, Sunflower, and – well, that’s pretty much it for office-appropriate Post songs.

This gift is ideal for me, Grace. This gift is not suited for the easily offended HR rep who knits in her car during lunch.

standing stapler

Standing Stapler Set, 2 Pack, $14.99

Is there anybetter type of gift than a practical gift?

The answer is yes, pretty much all types of gifts are better than practical gifts. But you’re running out of time and you need a gift for your deskmate like, yesterday, so hey, this stapler set is affordable and comes with not one but twostaplers. Go ahead and click buy – boom. You nailed it. Staplers for everyone.

This gift is ideal for the project manager with the perma-messy desk. This gift is not suited for babies. Why do you have babies as coworkers, anyway?


This self-congratulatory notebook, $6.98

Let there be no confusion as to who the office favorite is – this notebook will cement your place as the favorite coworker and make sure no one forgets it. Humility may be a virtue, but you can’t help how great you are at gift-giving.

This gift is ideal for the guy in sales you always forget actually works here. This gift may not be suited for the R&D guy you have a shallow crush on.

tax forms

W2 6-Part 2019 Tax Forms Bundle with Self-Seal Envelopes, $18.99

It’s true that it’s generally inappropriate to give out overtly sexy gifts to coworkers, but who could resist this 25-count bundle of W2 forms withself-seal envelopes? So steamy, so saucy. It may seem overindulgent but go on – pull the trigger. Your coworker’s worth it.

This gift is ideal for the fun accountant. This gift is not suited for anyone in marketing.

caviar chocolate bar

Calvisius Lingotto Caviar, $99

Okay, fine, this one’s not a real suggestion but imagine if it was. Like, imagine if you actually thought this was a good idea for a gift for a coworker – or worse, for your boss.

Who would do that? Who would spend a hundred bucks on a what’s sure to be a worse, dusty version of a candy bar, but instead of chocolate there’s dried fish eggs?

Only a complete dingdong, that’s who!

Unrelated, I sure hope our CEO Owen Franklin likes caviar.

This gift is ideal for literally no one.

Which of these suggestions will you be grabbing? How do you usually shop for your coworkers? We’d love to hear about it! Connect with us onFacebook, Twitter, and Instagramto let us know, and happy shopping!



Grace Treutel is Blue Summit Supplies' Director of Culture. Currently she’s in training to become a Marriage & Family Therapist though her greatest love will always be the written word. Her three novel manuscripts have not yet been published - but just you wait. She lives in Huntsville with her  cute kids and cute pets.

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