Achievement Certificate Template: Free Printable Certificates

Certificates are used to acknowledge achievements and accomplishments. They can be presented to winners of a challenge, awarded to top achievers, or given to those who go above and beyond. Templates make it easy and inexpensive to print your own certificates in a matter of minutes. We’ve designed a number of free printable certificates that you can customize to use for office achievements, appreciation, awards, and more.

A little recognition can go a long way in making someone feel appreciated, and it doesn’t take long to fill in the blanks of a pre-designed certificate template. Below we’ll dig into the different types of certificates, how to print them, how to protect them, and we’ll provide a selection of downloadable templates.



Benefits of Certificates

boost morale

Boost Morale

Demonstrating how much you appreciate your employees will make them feel recognized and valued. A certificate is a simple way to show your employees they work for a company that notices all of their hard work. Showing your team you care encourages them to continue valuing their work, team, and the business. Acknowledgments can be big or small—simply working at the same company for 5 years is worth recognition.

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Encourage Team Building

A little light competition can bring your team together around a common purpose. A company-wide clean-the-office competition will get everyone involved in an otherwise boring or tedious task. A charity competition can get various business teams working together while giving back to your community or an important cause. Working in teams for friendly competition or to reach a goal can bring your team closer—and an award adds extra incentive.


Reward Achievements

Don’t let those great accomplishments go unnoticed. If someone in your organization beats a company record or continually goes above and beyond, show your appreciation. Positive reinforcement goes a long way toward encouraging your employees to keep doing their best work.



Types of Certificates

achievement icon


Certificates can recognize specific achievements reached by those in your organization. You may give a certificate of achievement for an educational milestone, to recognize a sales goal, or to mark how long someone has worked at your company. Achievement certificates acknowledge the milestones and successes of the people in your organization. 

Reasons to give certificates of achievement:

  • Workplace milestones or years of employment
  • A record number of sales
  • Office or project goal achieved
  • Course completed
  • Graduation
appreciation icon


Certificates of appreciation can be given out at any time to recognize the actions, traits, or deeds of those in your organization. You might give a certificate of appreciation to someone who exemplifies your brand values or to someone who goes out of their way to keep the office kitchen clean. An appreciation certificate can acknowledge small acts around the office or specific traits that are appreciated within your organization.

Reasons to give certificates of appreciation:

  • Workplace milestones or years of employment
  • Team building
  • Exemplifying your brand values
  • Keeping the office clean
  • Planning office events


Award certificates are often used to recognize the winners of a competition, but they can also be used to recognize those in your organization who go above and beyond. You might give out an award certificate to the person who makes the most sales each year, to the person with the tidiest office, or the team that collects the most donations during your office charity challenge. 

Reasons to give certificates of appreciation:

  • A record number of sales
  • Cleanest office/workspace
  • Team building competitions
  • Most donations for a charity challenge
  • Sporting events
fun icon

Just For Fun

Printable certificates are versatile and can be used for fun and shenanigans around the office and in your personal life. You might give a certificate to a family member, friend, or associate who you want to deem #1 in your life. Common examples of this are #1 Mom, Friend, or Teacher certificates that can be used to show your appreciation for someone important in your life.

Certificates can also be used to add incentive to sporting events, charity challenges, and team building activities. Consider how you could utilize blank certificates at your next event to energize your team and acknowledge small accomplishments.

Reasons to give certificates for fun:

  • Sports events
  • Charity events
  • Most Valuable Player or Participant
  • #1—mom, dad, kid, dog, friend, grandmother, teacher, boss, etc.
  • Birthday (number of years achieved)



    printing icon

    Printing Certificates

    You can easily print your own certificates from your home or office with a template. The simplest way to print certificates is on standard letter sized paper, which is 8.5 x 11 inches (215.9 x 279.4 mm). You won’t need to make any adjustments to your printer when using this standard size. Just make sure you’re printing in landscape mode instead of portrait before you hit print.

    If you want your certificate to look more professional and feel more durable, you can print on thicker paper, such as cardstock or paper that has a subtle, embossed texture.

    For larger certificates, such as 11 x 17 inches (279 x 432 mm), you will need to adjust your printer settings and ensure you have the appropriate paper on hand before printing.


      larry says

      Learn all about paper sizes and use our handy size chart: Legal vs. Letter Size and Other Paper Dimensions.



      Free Printable Certificates

      We’ve made a variety of free printable certificate templates that you can download and use for achievements, appreciation, awards, and more. The templates have blank sections built-in, so you can customize each certificate with your own details. Need to make something entirely your own? Maybe a Friendliest Dog Certificate? Not a problem. We have blanks certificate template that you can use for any occasion or purpose.


      free printable certificates

      Click here to download our free printable certificate templates!



      certificate holder

      Protect With Certificate Holders

      Certificate holders protect certificates from being damaged when they are presented, in transit, or stored. They come in a variety of colors, and in some cases, can be personalized with your business branding.

      If you receive a certificate without a holder, you may want to purchase one to protect your certificate. Holders give you a secure space to store your certificate long-term, and they also act as a safe placeholder until you are ready to frame it, if you choose to do so.

      If you or your company is planning to give out certificates for any reason, a holder gives the presentation that extra special touch. You’ll know the certificate is safe and sound before, during, and after giving it out. Certificate holders look professional, and they make the certificate feel more official. Not only will the person receiving the certificate feel that much more important, but it will ensure they are able to transport and store it with care.



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