Unveiling Blue Summit Supplies’ New Digital Suite of Cryptocurrency and NFTs

The world is increasingly weird and unpredictable, so we decided to offer something equally as volatile because we’re nothing if not trendy. Unveiling our new Digital Suite... BSS crypto and NFT's!

While cryptocurrencies have been described as "Mary Kay for young men," we don't think pretend internet cash should be limited to such a small sect of the population.

That’s why we’ve created Obux!


Obux is our very own Blue Summit Supplies crypto that’s going to take your portfolio to the next level. Named after our founder and CEO Owen Franklin, Obux are the financial match for his tenacity, perseverance, and difficulty to wrap your head around.

So how do Obux work?

Great question, and maybe don’t worry about it. All we know is you should get those headlamps out because apparently mining is an integral part of this whole thing. Trust us, you’re gonna make a fortune!

Snatch up as much Obux as you can because there’s only a finite amount (we’re pretty sure, though it’s internet money, so honestly, who knows) and it’s going to explode in value. Also something something blockchain.

Right now, you can buy 100 Obux for the low low price of $10, but we have no clue where you can spend them. Stay tuned.

Crypto not your thing? Maybe NFTs are more your speed, in which case great news – we’ve got those too!

As everyone knows, NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token.’ And, as everyone also knows, those words mean absolutely nothing to the general population. The way we understand NFTs is that it’s a digital piece of ‘art’ that you, and only you, own. You may think, ‘well I’ll just screenshot it without buying it, then I’ll own it anyway.’ And honestly, that sounds correct to me, so maybe just do that instead of paying real money for a fake picture.

We are proud and excited to reveal the following NFTs:

Santa Larry Bumblebee Larry
Mariachi Larry Pirate Larry
Green Queen Larry Fairy Larry

You can buy each NFT for three easy payments of $350,000 or $3,500,000 Obux!

And you’d better hurry, because these intangible creations are going to fly off their metaphorical shelves (we hope).

And, of course, happy April Fool’s!

Disclaimer: Blue Summit Supplies is not responsible for any frustration, regret, existential crisis, or marital spats occurring in the wake of making a BSS Digital Suite purchase.

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Grace Treutel is Blue Summit Supplies' Director of Culture. Currently she’s in training to become a Marriage & Family Therapist though her greatest love will always be the written word. Her three novel manuscripts have not yet been published - but just you wait. She lives in Huntsville with her  cute kids and cute pets.

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