The Story of Marty and the Free Tabbed Divider Template

We often talk about our sphere of influence and how important our sphere is to our business. Our goal is to positively impact every single member of our sphere of influence – everyone from employees to customers to suppliers – in any way we can. But we’re not perfect; sometimes, we miss little problems, or ways to make life easier for those in our sphere; ways like tabbed divider templates.

Thankfully, that’s where you come in.

Recently, our customer Marty clued us in to a problem she was having. She ordered our tabbed binder dividers, but wasn’t sure which labels matched:


“The product description says you can adhere printed labels to the tabs.  My questions are, what product number do I order for the printable labels, and where can I buy them?”


Our Product Manager, Katie, pointed her in the right direction – the direction of a competitor, who sells index divider labels. It wasn’t the ideal solution, and Katie promised Marty that, on his recommendation, we’d begin to test out labels to carry in the future.

But Marty was thinking outside the box. She came up with a different solution: printable labels.


“I did some noodling and research and have found I can customize my paper size on our printer, which is the size of paper your 1/5 cut tabs are made on.  So, developing a correctly-sized template is the next step.  If your team can come up with one for customers to use, that would be great! I feel like a lot of businesses would use them because your pricing is so much better!”


Marty’s clever suggestion was all we needed. Our Creative Director, Shannon, got right on it, taking her idea and making it a reality. Marty was right, after all; there was no reason we couldn’t offer a complementary template to go along with our tabbed dividers, so our customers could get everything they needed in one spot.

And, as Marty pointed out, our pricing is better – since what’s better than free?

Thanks to Marty, we now offer free downloadable index divider templates so you can print your own tabbed divider template for binder dividers at home or work. These printable index divider templates are designed to accompany our binder dividers with 1/5 cut tabs or 1/8 tabs, which are available in a pack of 100 and are made of durable 11-pt paper.

We offer four templates total, two each for 1/5 cut and 1/8 cut dividers. Each template comes with either a Microsoft Word template or an editable Adobe PDF template. Each template has space for all 5 or 8 tabs. To use them, you just need to type in your tab label in the tab location of your choosing and print them out onto the index dividers.

If you would rather use premade adhesive labels, we recommend these labels from Online Labels that will fit our tabbed dividers. This site also provides their own printable templates for each product to customize and print. For 1/5 cut labels, try these. For 1/8 cut labels, try these.

Our label templates come on sheets sized 9”x11” to match the size of our dividers. These sheets are slightly larger than a standard 8.5”x11” sheet of paper, so to print these labels, you will have to have a printer capable of printing a larger size. If you don’t have access to a printer capable of printing on larger sheets, visit your local office supply store or copy center.


Free Tabbed Divider Template


For more downloadable resources, visit the resource center at our blog. To ask a question or just say hello, send us an email! Larry would love to hear from you.


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the best solution is to have clear, printable, stickers to adhere to the tabs. the printable files offered here are fine if you need 5 labels but I need 100, already have the names typed on a word doc. Probably going to print the list, cut & paste to my tabs.

Justine Callahan

Hey Vicki! We have free design templates for our binders and binder dividers! Use the link below:


We have purchased the letter size 3-ring index dividers, but there are no directions on how to print on to the dividers.


Hi Schosser Construction, Inc! Yes we have free design templates you can use for the tab dividers. If you go to the link below you will find our insert templates for binders and binder dividers. I’ll email you the link as well!


I just bought 48 sets of your 8Tabs, TAB DIVIDERS. Is there free templates so I can print off my tabs correctly with the Insertable tabs that come with them?


Hey Rebecca! If you go to the link below, you will find our tab insert diagrams for hanging file folders. I’ll email you a link as well!

Rebecca Arnold

I just received my Extra Capacity Hangling File Folders, 25 reinforced hang folders…and am trying to figure out which of your products I need to download to print the labels. Please advise. thank you.

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