How to Plan a Virtual Bridal Shower at Work

A virtual bridal shower is a pre-wedding celebration held online instead of in-person.

Choosing to have a wedding shower event virtually could be due to coronavirus restrictions or because the attendees live far away from each other. Family and friends who live all across the country or overseas may choose to host a virtual wedding shower to ensure everyone can attend. Remote teams can have a work wedding shower celebration through video chat, no matter where teammates are located. 

A virtual wedding shower is also cost-effective. There’s no venue, food, or drink costs, and your guests don’t have to worry about travel costs. The downsides are that you’ll miss out on in-person connections, and no one will get one-on-one time together since everyone is in the same video chat.

People with many friends, family, and workgroups can host multiple smaller showers with people that know each other already rather than one larger event. This will make it easier for everyone to see each other in the chat and will reduce awkward introductions for people who don’t know each other.



virtual wedding shower

Virtual Bridal Shower Pros and Cons

Virtual Bridal Shower Pros

  • Cost-effective
  • Simple to plan
  • Option for remote teams
  • No one needs to travel
  • People can drink and eat whatever they want
  • Everyone can attend, no matter where they live
  • Can host multiple events with different groups

Virtual Bridal Shower Cons

  • Difficult to have meaningful conversations
  • No one-on-one conversations
  • No hugs or handshakes
  • Events are usually shorter and less memorable



    Reasons to Host a Wedding Shower at Work

    value icon

    Show Your Employees They Are Valued

    Employees are your most valuable asset. Show them how important they are by recognizing and celebrating the big moments in their lives, including birthdays, employment anniversaries, weddings, and pregnancies. 

    Employees that feel valued and appreciated in their jobs are more likely to continue working at the same company. They’ll be more invested in their work and unlikely to consider looking for employment elsewhere. Remember that people talk. Ensure any gossip about your workplace is positive so that you always attract the best talent.

      boost morale

      Boost Team Morale in Times of Uncertainty

      All work and no laughs makes for a dry and stagnant work environment. It’s more critical now than ever before that businesses prioritize team morale. 2020 has been a year of tremendous uncertainty, which can make us all feel like we don’t have any control over our lives. Keeping office morale up is a tough task when there are so many unknowns, but that makes it all the more important.

      Invest in events and office surprises that will spark some joy for your team. An office wedding shower, even if it’s only a small lunch meeting or team game, will give your team a break and bring them closer together. A happy, healthy team works together more effectively, which means increased productivity and efficiency.


        Events Provide Team Building Opportunities

        Team building is a big part of fostering a healthy office work environment. Team building activities build trust, increase collaboration, and improve engagement. Simple games, social activities, and celebrations can motivate a team while bringing them closer together.

        It’s especially important that remote employees have team building options to ensure no one feels isolated while working from home. A virtual workplace wedding shower provides an opportunity for employees to spend time together doing something beyond the daily grind of their regular tasks.


          Larry Says… Learn Why Team Building is Important and How We Do It at Blue Summit. We also compiled a list of Remote Team Building Activities to Engage Remote Employees.



          How to Host a Virtual Wedding Shower

          bridal shower invite

          Zoom Wedding Shower Invite

          Ensure virtual wedding shower invites are sent out with plenty of notice. Even though no one needs to make travel plans to get to a virtual event, you still need to be considerate of other people’s time. If you want to make sure everyone can attend, send a scheduling email, such as Doodle, that lets each person say when they’re available.

          Be clear about expectations in the invitation. Explain what the event will be like since this could be the first virtual wedding shower they’ve attended. How long will the event be? How do guests tune in? Is there a gift registry or alternative recommendation, such as a charity?

            agenda for bridal shower

            Set a Bridal Shower Agenda

            Have a rough schedule or plan for the event with space for general conversing as well. Planning at least one game will add a small amount of structure to the otherwise open event, and it will break the ice for attendees. 

            Be careful not to plan too much since there should be some time for people to get to talk to each other. There’s also a reasonable chance some sort of technical issue will occur, which could throw off your schedule if you have your event tightly planned out with no wiggle room.



              Virtual Bridal Shower Games

              two truths and a lie

              Two Truths and a Lie

              Two truths and a lie is a quick game that can help people get to know the bride, groom, or couple. You begin the game by making three statements about yourself, two of the statements being true, and one being a lie. It’s everyone’s goal to try and spot the lie. You can play it in a rotation so that everyone can get to know each other, or you can focus the game on the person or people getting married.

                he said she said

                He Said She Said

                This game requires the couple to answer questions about themselves and their relationship in advance. The guests get to see or hear these answers when the game is played. The aim is to guess which person in the relationship gave each answer.         

                  name that love song

                  Name That Love Song

                  Name that love song is a trivia game using popular love songs. Your theme could be Disney love songs, classic love songs, or a variety of different songs. Play a few seconds of each song and have people guess the title based on the small clip.             

                  advice for the couple

                  Advice For the Couple

                  Ask virtual attendees to submit advice and words of wisdom to the couple. You can have one person collect these in advance to have the person getting married read aloud. You can also create a shared Google Document that everyone can add to.

                    date night ideas

                    Share Date Night Ideas

                    Just like the advice for couples, you can have people submit ideas for a date night in advance. The person getting married can read these, or they can be collected in a Google Doc for them to read after the event.



                      Work Bridal Shower Gifts

                      You aren’t expected to buy a gift for a workplace bridal shower, but you can give a small gift if you’d like to. A token gift is recommended, especially if you work closely with the coworker who is getting married.

                      Keep your gift simple and office appropriate. When you give your gift, don’t make a show of it, and if others don’t have gifts, it’s best to pass yours on privately. If you aren’t getting a gift, you can always give a card with a personal note, best wishes, or words of wisdom.


                      gift ideas

                      Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

                      We’ve compiled a list of common and unique bridal shower gift ideas that are office appropriate. These items will show your appreciation while not breaking the bank.

                      virtual gift idea

                      Virtual Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

                      If you attend a virtual bridal shower, it’s likely because you work remotely or won’t be able to see your coworkers in person any time soon. This means you’ll need gift options that can be easily ordered online or delivered digitally. Local businesses may be able to send a gift or gift card to your coworker’s address, or you can change the shipping address on Amazon products, so they are sent directly to your coworker, even if they live across the country.



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