Fostering a Continuous Improvement Mindset in the Workplace
Business leaders must be able to establish certain cultures and mindsets in order to propel their company to success. After all, you can’t always micromanage and keep an eye on everything your team does. Instead, you should inspire your employees to chase their own success, as this will also uplift your organization as a whole.

One way to do this is by fostering an environment that encourages 
continuous improvement in the workplace. Simply put, continuous improvement means always seeking development and improvement. This ensures that your business practices, methods, and processes are consistently evolving with the changing times and dynamic trends. In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can nurture a continuous improvement mindset in your workplace.



feedback culture

Build a Feedback Culture

In order to find which areas of your business need improvement, you’re going to need the help of everyone in your workplace. This is because it’s nearly impossible to simultaneously keep an eye on everything that’s happening in your business, while also processing what you need to work on. So, try to be more proactive about requesting feedback from your team and assuring them that you’re more than open to hearing their concerns.

To further establish a feedback culture, you can build certain systems that don't have to force your teams to give feedback by default. For one, you can launch an 
internship program, as this welcomes fresh faces into your workplace. They can make observations on key areas of improvement that you may not be able to see.

In addition, having an internship program allows you to scout future employees and even give back to your community. Another way to establish a feedback culture is by creating additional channels through surveys, external coaches, team-building activities, and continuous performance management platforms. Try to be creative and don’t limit yourself to only getting feedback during meetings. After all, what works for one team might not work for yours.




Promote Upskilling Opportunities

One way you can instill a continuous improvement mindset in the workplace is by encouraging upskilling opportunities for your employees. Aside from honing their talents to help your organization achieve success, upskilling opportunities also keep their skill sets relevant and useful in today’s competitive business landscape.

If you have employees who have the potential to successfully lead your organization, encourage them to take extra courses to nurture their journey into a future leadership position. Fortunately, pursuing further education doesn't mean putting their job on hold, as there are many 
online business degrees available, which can be done during their own time and pace. Aside from gaining general business insights in management, marketing, and operations, it's also a lucrative opportunity for them. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the average salary for professionals in business operations rose to $69,820 in 2019. What's more is this figure only gets higher as you focus on certain specializations and industries, like healthcare and data research. Aside from fully-fledged degrees, you can also promote digital microlearning opportunities in various disciplines. This bite-sized education program consists of short lessons that can quickly help your employees learn a new skill in tech, management, or communications.

Again, when offering upskilling opportunities, make sure that these can be completed remotely and have flexible schedules. Today’s professionals want to prove that they have competent multi-tasking skills, but it’s best to choose career advancement opportunities that are easily accessible, so they can also focus on your organization and their own personal lives.

    Striving for continuous improvement in the workplace allows your teams to work independently and efficiently. So, if you want your organization to achieve success, be sure to use the tips we've listed above.

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    Alicia Dawn is a freelance management consultant. When she's not busy with her clients, you can find Alicia reading the newest CEO biography or training for her next triathlon.

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