Large CMS 1500 Form Security Envelopes, Self-Seal, 500 Count

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  • These large catalog-style, First Class security envelopes with a single right window are designed specifically for mailing current HCFA 02/2012 CMS-1500 forms.
  • These envelopes perfectly fit HCF Medical Billing CMS-1500 forms. They measure 9 x 12.5 inches.
  • Save time and prevent processing delays with our self-seal envelopes. There’s no need to spend time folding the forms, since up to 50 sheets will slide flat into one envelope.
  • The self-seal flap offers a strong, lasting seal without the need to moisten or peel anything. Simply flip the flap down and press to seal the latex adhesive for completely secure business mail that will stay closed through transit.
  • These provide complete business mail security for your medical claim forms with our blue security tint, so your patient and insurance claims information stays confidential.
  • Your CMS forms are more likely to be processed without errors or delays using our envelopes, since mailing them flat means they’re more quickly and efficiently scanned by optical scanners.


Working in a busy medical office often means hours spent on processing medical claim forms. Cut down on time spent sending CMS medical claim forms and prevent processing delays by using our large CMS catalog envelopes. 

CMS forms fit flat inside each envelope, so you don’t have to spend time folding your forms before sending them. Each jumbo envelope fits up to 50 CMS forms. And mailing is quicker and easier than ever thanks to our self-seal flaps which means no licking or peeling required.

Your confidential information is safe with our strong adhesive seal and security print. Once the latex self-seal is closed, no adhesive is exposed so you don’t have to worry about the envelope sticking to other mail. All private patient medical, billing, and insurance information will be completely secure during transit. Envelopes can be opened by the recipient from the bottom. Bold verbiage stating ‘PLEASE DO NOT BEND’ and ‘INSURANCE CLAIM FORMS ENCLOSED’ ensure your forms remain uncreased.

We stand behind our products completely. We understand that buying products online can sometimes be difficult because you cannot physically see what you are buying; however, if our product is not exactly what you are looking for or does not meet your expectations, then we welcome you to send them back anytime for a 100% refund. Click here for more information regarding refunds or returns >

Key Features:

  • Catalog security envelopes
  • Fit HCFA 02/2012 CMS-1500 forms
  • Self-seal
  • Blue security tint for maximum security
  • 500 Count


  • This envelope is equipped with a no-peel self seal made of latex gum, which means it does not need to be peeled or moistened in order to seal; simply flip down the flap and press to seal.
  • This envelope should be stored in a dry, clean environment, as the latex glue on the flap will deteriorate when exposed to dust or moisture. The glue will also break down over time, so for best results, expect the self-sealing glue to bear a standard shelf life of about 12 months from purchase.
  • We offer a free fillable CMS 1500 form template on our blog.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Blue Summit Supplies
  • Part #: BSS-92588-363
  • SKU: BSS-92588-363
  • Barcode: X0029FWZXF
  • Package dimensions: 15.5 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Package weight: 20.5 lbs