Standard Office Procedures Podcast

Standard Office Procedures Podcast

Our show is sponsored entirely by Blue Summit Supplies and hosted by our Head of Culture, Grace, and co-hosted by our Director of Marketing, Shannon. Every Tuesday, Grace and Shannon tackle big topics like Preventing Burnout in the WorkplaceBrainstorming Techniques and Tips, and Handling Impatience at Work.

Plus, we regularly have experts in topics like mental health, physical health, and professional development join us as guests to offer their insight and advice on how we can all be happier and healthier in this busy, modern workforce.

Happy listening, see you on Tuesday!

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About Us

At Blue Summit Supplies, we take career development seriously. Not just for ourselves; for any professional who wants to learn and grow.

That’s why we invest so much into creating free, high-quality resources to help everyone in the workplace – and we mean everyone

But we decided that our blog wasn’t quite enough.

We know so many professionals are leading incredibly busy lives, and oftentimes professional development has to happen on the go.

This is why we created the Standard Office Procedures podcast, the professional development podcast that helps professionals live and grow through culture, communication, and candor.

Listen to the Standard Office Procedures podcast anywhere you get your podcasts and make sure to leave a review if you want to make Grace’s day.

Also, if you ever have any questions, comments, corrections, or suggestions, reach out to us at Larry and Grace both love to talk – they’ll be happy to hear from you.

About Us

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