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On Being Relentless

"Jeff Bezos believes in being absolutely relentless. In my opinion, to be successful on Amazon, you have to be the same. There’s no ‘set it and forget it’ formula for success on Amazon – you have to be relentless every day, in all paths, whether it’s closely monitoring your data or constantly optimizing your listings. It’s this relentless attitude that’s helped us build a multi-million-dollar company in less than three years on Amazon alone."

On New Projects

I think it’s exciting how we started the company by tinkering with Amazon and tinkering with eCommerce in general, and now we’ve grown the company by over ten employees. And mind you, we don’t exactly know what we’re doing, but we’re figuring it out. We’re reading and obsessing over great leaders like Jeff Bezos, Ray Dalio, and Larry Page – about how they did it and how we can do it. It’s a fun challenge to learn while also scaling the business and making it more efficient as it scales.

Owen on Whether or Not He Has Any ‘Hacks’ or ‘Tricks’ to Amazon Success


"I think some sellers on Amazon have reputations for being guerilla marketers because they do little hacks here and there. Although those can be successful, I think they’re very niche and only work at a small scale.

"For a big company, you need to think about how you can scale operations on the largest marketplace on the planet. You can’t do a little hack here and hack there, since that won’t move the needle. Instead, a big brand needs to approach Amazon in a holistic way: thinking about all their listings instead of one or two, thinking about brand presence on the site and how they can optimize it. They need to think about optimizing listings – great quality pictures, copy that makes sense and tells customer why they’re buying the product, consistent pricing. You only need to have one listing per UPC code (no duplicate listings), and you need to make sure your products are advertised – using sponsored products, sponsored brands, and display ads.

"It needs to be a cohesive strategy, not just a little hack for this or for that."