How to Appreciate Your Admins

Did you know? April is Administrative Professionals Month!

When it comes to thanking our coworkers, we can all agree we aren’t as good at this as we could be. It can be hard to remember to appreciate everyone, but it’s sometimes even harder to remember our colleagues in administration. We often overlook them when we’re caught up in our own to-do list.

As companies grow, there are more moving parts that need to be kept in order. This is where the role of an administrative professional comes in. There are 4.1 million people who work as full-time administrative professionals in the United States, and they keep their companies on track. They’re responsible for scheduling and coordinating aspects of the company which are crucial to its success.


What Do Admins Do?

  • Greeting visitors to workplace and attending to them during their stay
  • Answering telephone, email, and social media inquiries and directing them to other employees when appropriate
  • Typing workplace documents, including letters and reports
  • Processing incoming and outgoing mail
  • Creating and maintaining computer records and paper files
  • Booking meetings, seminars, and conferences, and organizing catering for them
  • Taking minutes during business meetings
  • Coordinating appointments of executives and managers

This list comes from Working as an Administrative Assistant by CareerBuilders.


As a small business, we don’t have just one person dedicated to administrative work. Instead, each member of our team takes on a portion of these responsibilities. Everyone answers customer phone calls and emails, helps with housekeeping chores around the office, and keeps records clean and organized. We schedule meetings with one another and outside sources. We try our best to appreciate each other and value everyone’s contributions every day.

But for those dedicated admin professionals who keep organizations running smoothly, we think they deserve something extraspecial.

That’s why we’ve put together some suggestions on how to make the most of the days left in Admin Professionals Month, to show your admins you care.

How to Appreciate Your Admins

  1. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way. Like we stated before, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in your day-to-day tasks that you don’t think about saying hello to your admins, much less appreciating them. Next time you step into the office, don’t just say hi – thank them for everything they do for your business.

    at blue summit supplies

    At our office, enthusiastic ‘thank you’s are the norm. Most recently our Product Manager, Katie, took on the task of buying a newer (bigger) fridge for the office. She did the research, placed the order, and set it up. The chorus of ‘thank you’s didn’t stop until everyone had had a chance to check out the new roomy refrigerator!


    1. Give a small gift. Nothing ostentatious – maybe a card or some flowers. This is a really easy way to say thanks. Leave a note, some flowers, or both; this will make them feel appreciated and tell them their work is important to the company.

      At Blue summit supplies

      We try to show each other we care in small ways, like bringing in thoughtful little gifts. Even something as small as a Coke says ‘I thought of you and I appreciate you,’ like the one our Marketing Director Shannon brought in for Grace, our Content Marketing Manager. (Hi!)


      1. Be sweet. Do a little digging to find out their favorite type of sweet or snack, and bring it in to work for them. This will show them that you put in effort and will make them feel valued and cared for.

        At Blue summit supplies

        Patrick, our Financial Operations Associate, surprised the office one day with chocolate – every girl in the office! We were surprised and delighted. Patrick’s response? A shrug, and a succinct, “I appreciate y’all.” Patrick, you can always sit with us.


        1. Take them out to lunch or breakfast. Take time out of your day to sit and have a conversation over a good meal. Get to know your admins by taking them to lunch and enjoy a conversation that doesn’t involve work.

          At Blue summit supplies

          When we have particularly strong quarters here at Blue Summit Supplies, our CEO and fearless leader Own celebrates by taking the entire team out for beers. He insists it’s as important to focus on our successes as our failures, something that makes all of us feel appreciated and valued. And hey… free beer.


          1. Appreciate out loud. It’s one thing to show them that you personally appreciate the work they do, but when you display your appreciation for their work to the entire company, it will have a domino effect. Giving your admin professionals a moment of thanks in front of the whole company ensures others will notice and show their gratitude for the admins’ work.

            At Blue summit supplies

            We have bi-monthly meetings where all departments come together to share what they’re working on.  At our last meeting, Laurel, our Accounting Manager, discussed how she’d been tirelessly working on our accounts and organizing our financial data. This transparency gave everyone the chance to give Laurel hard-earned praise, and understand more fully what she’s doing for the business.


            1. If you’re feeling very generous, give them a break. Let them take off early on a Friday, or even give them a full day off. Communicating this to your admins will show them you appreciate that the work they do is not easy, and they need some time to recoup as much as anyone.

              At Blue summit supplies

              Owen notices when the team is working hard. If someone’s been putting in long hours and burning the candle at both ends, he’s been known to give people leeway, encouraging them to go home early or come in late.


              We believe it’s important that individuals feel valued and appreciated. Appreciating employees will inspire others to work harder and better. When admins know their work is acknowledged and recognized as important, morale and performance will increase. When this happens, the whole office benefits.

              So, take a minute this week to let your administrative professional know that they’re appreciated.

              How do you appreciate your administrative professionals? We want to know! Leave a comment or find us on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. If you have any questions, or your just want to be friends with the coolest office dog in the world, send Larry and email.



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